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Potentilla alba.

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order:Rosales » Family: Rosaceae

Potentilla alba.


Potentilla alba.


Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Magnoliopsida


Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Potentilla

Species: Potentilla alba

Plant description

Potentilla alba a perennial
herbaceous plant of 8-25cm. Rhizome thickened, black and brown. The
whole plant, except the upper side of adult leaves, covered with appressed
silky hairs. Radical leaves with dark-brown large stipules. Flowers are white,
on long peduncles, rather large.

Diffusion area

Russia, Ukraine, Caucas, Midle
Europe, Balcan


Is met in oak forests. Grows
solitarily or in small groups. Is a component of the groves from the northern
regions of the country.

Therapeutic actions

In bleeding gums, for wounds,
contusions, hemorrhoids, weeping eczema, cracked feet, and with bloody
bruises, for douching at belyah women. In thyroid diseases, like microbicide
is used in colitis, enterocolitis, cystitis. It is also used as haemostatic,
prophylaxis is recommended to administer as the defendant cardiocascular
diseases, gastrointestinal and urinary.

Biologically active substances

Contain iridoids, saponins,
phenol carbonic acid, quercetin, tannins and 17%, a maximum in the phase of
flowering. In the overground parts found iridoids, saponins, phenol carbonic
acid, rutin, tannins to 6%.

In the leaves were found phenol carbonic acids and their derivatives, in
the hydrolyzate, coumaric, ellagic, flavonoids, in the hydrolyzate -
quercetin, kaempferol, cyanidin.

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Genetic characteristics

2n = 28

Gathering place (figure should be increased)

Potentilla alba.
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