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Caragana fletux

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order: Fabales » Family: Fabaceae

Caragana fletux


Caragana fletux


Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Magnoliopsida
 Order: Fabales

Family: Fabaceae

Genus: Caragana

Species: Caragana fletux

Plant description

0,5-2 m shrub with yellowish or
greenish-gray bark, mostly bearing narrow longitudinal whitish stripes cork.
Young shoots finely downy, netolstye, leaf petioles long shoots quickly
harden and remain in the form of short, 3-11 mm in length, but rather thick
spines, leaves 5-20 mm long and 2-9 mm wide, green or greyish, paler below
with a thickened middle vein, continuing on the tip of leaflets in the barbed
tip. Pedicels solitary or paired, Unifloral 5-9 mm long, Calyx
campanulate-tubular, corolla 22-30 mm long, yellow or golden; flag with a
broad, ovate-rhombic limb, wings extended upward somewhat, keel blunt, bob
4-5 cm long, 4,5-6 mm wide.

Diffusion area

Distributed in the European part
of Russia, Western and Eastern Siberia, the Ukraine Moldova, the Caucasus and
Central Asia. General distribution: north-west China.


Grows up in groups on the steppe
slopes. Is widespread all over the country.

Therapeutic actions

With the purpose of treatment
used branch. Infusion of the branches is used in scrofula. The aqueous
extract of branches showing antibacterial activity. Decoction of the leaves
colors wool in blue. Has carried bactericidal and bacteriostatic, infusion of
the plant is given in king's evil.

Biologically active substances

The plant contains flavonoids,
saponins, alkaloids, vitamin C, carotene, coumarin.

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Genetic characteristics

2n = 32

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Caragana fletux
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