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Geranium pretense

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order: Geraniales » Family: Geraniaceae

Geranium pretense


Geranium pretense


Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Geraniales

Family: Geraniaceae

Genus: Geranium

Species: G.pratense

Plant description

Rhizome short, thick, oblique,
up to 10 cm, topped by a dark-brown bracts basal leaves. Stems few or
solitary, 30-80 cm tall, erect, branched in the upper part, furrowed, covered
with spaced or deflexed hairs. Bottom leaves are opposite, numerous, on long
petioles 10-20 (30) cm, otstoyasche zhestkovolosistye; record length 6-12 cm,
6-16 cm wide, reniform in outline, rounded, top decumbent and shortly hairy,
bottom, mainly on veins, with short hair, almost to the base semirazdelnaya
to rhombic-ovate lobes, in turn, almost peristonadrezannye into lanceolate
segments. Floral - lanceolate, acuminate, appressed pilose, 10-15 mm long..
Pedicels are glandular hairy, before flowering, as in fruit, drooping during
flowering up standing. The flowers are large, wide, numerous. Sepals 10-13 mm
long, oblong-ovate to three veins, covered with glandular hairs, with special
reference filiform 3-4 mm long, the petals of the five, purplish-blue,
purplish-red, blue or bluish-purple, a 16 - 23 mm, a of 10-17 mm wide,
obovate, rounded at the top, entire, pilose at the base. Filaments of stamens
displaced at the base of a broad and hairy below. Fruit - coracoid education,
length of about 3 cm, which after maturation is divided into monosperma
fruitlets. Seeds are tiny spotty. Blooming in June - July. Fruiting in August
- September.

Diffusion area

Europe America, Asia

It grows in meadows, forest edges and clearings in deciduous and coniferous
forests on moist forest clearings, near fences, in the European part of
Russia, Western Siberia, Central Asia.


Is found in more or less wet hay
fields, in orchards, at the forest and fence edges. Common in the entire

Therapeutic actions

It has astringent, disinfectant,
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitoxic, wound healing, hemostatic,
antipruritic, soothing, analgesic properties, as well as the ability to
dissolve salt deposits with nephrolithiasis, rheumatism and gout. Analgesic; Febrifuge;  Vulnerary.

The plant is used as a vulnerary. The root is used in Tibetan medicine
where it is said to have an acrid, sweet flavour plus a cooling potency.
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and febrifuge, it is used in the treatment of
fevers from influenza, inflammation of the lungs, pain and swellings of the

Biologically active substances

The roots of the plant contain
starch and other carbohydrates, triterpene saponins, tannins, phenol carbonic
acid, catechins, flavonoids, vitamin C and carotene. In the overground parts
found carbohydrates, glucose, fructose, raffinose, saponins, alkaloids,
vitamins C and K, carotene, tannins, flavonoids, anthocyanins and
leykoantotsiany, minerals: iron, manganese, nickel, zinc, etc.

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Genetic characteristics

2n=28 chromosomes

Gathering place (figure should be increased)

Geranium pretense
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