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Dianthus capitatus

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order: Caryophyllales » Family: Caryophyllaceae

Dianthus capitatus


Dianthus capitatus


Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Caryophyllales

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Genus: Dianthus

Species: Dianthus capitatus

Plant description

Perennial herb, stems 30-90 cm
high, green-gray, glabra, in the lignificata, branched, swollen below the
nodes, leaves opposite, linear-lanceolate, 2-5 mm wide, the margins entire;
actinomorfe flowers, solitary or in dicazii large, odoriferous, based gamosepal
calyx tube, there are four folio long as the calyx tube, Arista finished with
a green, short, fruit - capsule denticulata calyx tube that remains closed.

Diffusion area

Balkans, the Crimea, Western
Transcaucasia (Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik). It grows in prairies,


Can be found in rocky, dry and
grassy places. Grows solitarily.

Therapeutic actions

Extracted from flowers have
antispasmotic effect, cardiotonic and diaforetic. Extracts are prescribed to
treat coronary heart disease and nerve. They are also used in perfume
industry. Other uses: Human Medicine (Folk): flowers - tea against colds and
twitter; root - leaven in brandy - to treat "galbinarii" or
infected wounds wash. - Is given in pneumonia and dental pain.

Biologically active substances

Extracted from carnation flowers
contain eugenol, β-phenyl ethyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, methyl
salicylate and benzyl salicylate. Flower color is due this anthocyans were
identified pelargonidin 3 - (6-malilglucozidul) and cianidin 3 - (6-malilglucozidul).
Organs containing air and a mono-C-glicozilflavonoid called isoscoparina
(5,7,4 '-Ome triOH 6-Glc. ).

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Genetic characteristics

2n=30 chromosomes

Gathering place (figure should be increased)

Dianthus capitatus

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