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Melandrium album

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order: Caryophyllales » Family: Caryophyllaceae

Melandrium album


Melandrium album


Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Caryophyllales

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Genus: Melandrium

Species: album (Mill.)

Plant description

Softly-haired weed with deep,
fleshy root, sometimes with root buds. Stem is erect, hairy, usually ramified
from the base up, 30-100 cm high. Cotyledons are ovate acuminate, gradually
tapering into the petiole. Foliage leaves are in opposite pairs, lower leaves
inverse ovate and petiolate, upper leaves lanceolate and sessile, haired at
the margin and on the veins. Flowers are unisexual, dioecious, in
paniculiform inflorescences, white, fragrant, loosely arranged. Calyx is
15-20 mm long, with 10-20 ribs, does not open until afternoon. Boll opens
with 10 teeth. Seeds are small, 1-1.5 mm long, dark-brown. Shoots emerge in
spring, shallow germination. Flowering period - June - August. The mass of
1000 seeds is 0.5-0.7 g. Seeds per plant : about 6000. Can propagate with
root layers as well.

Diffusion area

Nearly all western Europe,
Mongolia, Northern America, Greenland. Nearly all the European part of the
former USSR, except Arctic regions, Central Asia, Kasakhstan, Caucasus,
Siberia, the Far East.


It is frequent in abandoned,
fertile places, on sunny slopes, at the road edges, in bushes, along fences.
Common in the entire country.

Therapeutic actions

Is given in insomnia, mental
strain, as soothing to epilepsy, placental hemorrhage, hernia, intestinal
tumors,. It has an antiseptic effect. It is used for rheumatism (bathroom)
and to form compresses for legs.

Biologically active substances

The roots give positive reaction
to triterpenoid saponins. In the grass was found triterpenoids, ascorbic
acid, traces of alkaloids.

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Centers, institutes, research labs of medicinal plants


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Genetic characteristics

2n=24 chromosomes.

Gathering place (figure should be increased)

Melandrium album

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