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«Evaluation of the pharmaceutic potential
of medicinal plants from natural habitats from Republic of Moldova


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Viburnum opulus

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order: Viburnales » Family: Viburnaceae

Viburnum opulus
Small spreading tree or large
shrub to 3-4 m (to 6-7 m in the most favourable conditions).
Fast-growing plant. Annual growth even at lateral shoots reaches 30-40 cm.
Longevity of stems 9-25 (up to 50) years. Root system consists from long
taproot and numerous lateral roots. Bark grey-brownish with rimes; young
shoots with greyish-green bark. Buds ovoid sometimes with pointed top,
redish-green, with 2 scales. Opposite leafs wide-ovoid or round, 3-5-lobate,
large (7-10 cm length, to 8 cm , and sometimes bigger on the sprouting
shoots). Upper leaf surface is naked, dark-green, lower leaf surface is more
light because of grey densely and soft velvet pubescent. Leafstalk is short
(up to 2 cm)? with glandular tubercles in upper end. Flowers collected in
inflorescence - corymbs up to 8-10 cm diameter. Fertile, bell-shaped,
yellowish inner flowers (small about 5 mm) are surrounded by a ring of
showier, actinomorphic, white, sterile flowers (large 1-2.5 cm).

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