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Moldo-german project 10.820.09.09GA
ЂEvaluation of the pharmaceutic potential
of medicinal plants from natural habitats from Republic of Moldova


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Polygonatum latifolium

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Liliopsida » Order: Liliales » Family: Liliaceae

Polygonatum latifolium
Rhizomes shallowly set, 1Ц2 cm
thick. Stems arching, angled, 1Ц12 dm, sparsely hirsute distally; sheathing
bract cauline, papery, caducous. Leaves short-petiolate, 7Ц12.5 × 3Ц7
cm; blade elliptic-lanceolate to ovate, glabrous adaxially, minutely hairy or
pilose on abaxial veins, apex abruptly acuminate; prominent veins 3Ц9.
Inflorescences in most leaf axils except distalmost and proximal 2Ц4;
peduncle reflexed, axillary 2Ц3(Ц4)-flowered. Flowers: perianth whitish,
tipped with green, tube 10Ц18 mm, distinct tips 3 mm; stamens inserted near
middle of perianth tube; filaments glabrous or sparsely downy. Berries 6Ц9
mm. 2n = 20.

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