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Geranium pretense

KINGDOM: Plantae » Class: Magnoliopsida » Order: Geraniales » Family: Geraniaceae

Geranium pretense
Rhizome short, thick, oblique,
up to 10 cm, topped by a dark-brown bracts basal leaves. Stems few or
solitary, 30-80 cm tall, erect, branched in the upper part, furrowed, covered
with spaced or deflexed hairs. Bottom leaves are opposite, numerous, on long
petioles 10-20 (30) cm, otstoyasche zhestkovolosistye; record length 6-12 cm,
6-16 cm wide, reniform in outline, rounded, top decumbent and shortly hairy,
bottom, mainly on veins, with short hair, almost to the base semirazdelnaya
to rhombic-ovate lobes, in turn, almost peristonadrezannye into lanceolate
segments. Floral - lanceolate, acuminate, appressed pilose, 10-15 mm long..
Pedicels are glandular hairy, before flowering, as in fruit, drooping during
flowering up standing. The flowers are large, wide, numerous. Sepals 10-13 mm
long, oblong-ovate to three veins, covered with glandular hairs, with special
reference filiform 3-4 mm long, the petals of the five, purplish-blue,
purplish-red, blue or bluish-purple, a 16 - 23 mm, a of 10-17 mm wide,
obovate, rounded at the top, entire, pilose at the base. Filaments of stamens
displaced at the base of a broad and hairy below. Fruit - coracoid education,
length of about 3 cm, which after maturation is divided into monosperma
fruitlets. Seeds are tiny spotty. Blooming in June - July. Fruiting in August
- September.

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